The Unlikely True International Story of the Man Called Orange Brother

Christopher Beam · 11/25/15 01:03PM

Li Hongjun did not usually take selfies. But out in the orange grove, he was not in his usual state of mind. It was early February, and the lunar New Year was approaching. It’s considered good luck to set out a bowl of oranges during the Chinese holiday, so Li, figuring he could use some luck, decided to buy some for his restaurant, the Jade Tea Farmhouse, located on a dusty road in little-known Wuhua County, population 1.3 million, in Guangdong Province.

Chris Crocker Starts Campaign Against Internet Nudity

Choire · 10/02/07 09:40AM

Chris Crocker, MySpace and YouTube star and teen LOLgay, is now the awareness spokesperson for not putting naked pictures of yourself online. A week or so ago, an extremely gay blog posted extremely naked pictures of Crocker that they said they found on the "Suicide Boys Livejournal Community or on a dating site." (We didn't link to them because he was like, 17 or something when he took the pictures.) Now the young web sensation has found meaning in a quest: helping other home-schooled teens to not put the butt-nekkid jpegs on the internets. It's a great and timely public service campaign for our time. He's also working on his zen practice: Crocker told Seattle-based reporter Eli Sanders of folks on the internet that "If they want to stare at a 17-year-old cock all day, that's their damage." Good point! But was the internet designed for doing anything else?