Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/23/14 07:22PM

Today the Pope cleared up the age-old question: God, not Al Gore, invented the internet.

Worst Tech Commercial Ever, Probably

Ryan Tate · 06/30/09 04:46PM

The ad attempts to sell the new Internet Explorer Web browser on a simple premise: Your husband is probably looking at truly disgusting things on the internet, and this product will help him hide those things, from you.

Google Chrome market share tops Opera, latest Internet Explorer beta version

Nicholas Carlson · 09/12/08 10:40AM

Users of Google's Chrome browser account for about 1 percent of the market, reports Net Applications, a market researcher. European browser-maker Opera — which you might have heard had it agreed to make the iPhone's browser, but it didn't, so you haven't — claims 0.74 percent of all users. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the market, but its latest version, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, which was released around the same time as Chrome, owns only a third as much market share, around 0.34 percent. [PaidContent]

Microsoft realizes the Internet is for porn

Nicholas Carlson · 08/20/08 10:20AM

Mozilla ended up dropping the feature from Firefox 3, but rumor has it Microsoft is considering adding a private browsing mode to its Internet Explorer 8 update. Private browsing — also known as "porn mode" — makes dumping a browser's history, clearing its cache and blocking cookies that much easier. Apple's Safari browser has had it as an option since 2005, when Paul Boutin recommended readers use it for "birthday shopping."

Internet Explorer 8 will drive you nuts — the 25-word version

Paul Boutin · 03/18/08 03:40PM

"You're pretending that there's one standard, but since nobody has a way to test against the standard, it's not a real standard." — Software pundit Joel Spolsky on the impossibility of conforming to Web standards. If you're a Web developer, Spolsky's 4,738-word treatise, with illustrations, is worth reading on your employer's time.

Internet Explorer can't find a working version of Google Maps

Nicholas Carlson · 03/07/08 12:20PM

Outside of geekdom, Internet Explorer still dominates browser market share. That means for most people, the Web works the way Microsoft wants it to. And so far, for those using the newest version of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft's version of the Web doesn't include Google Maps. Or at least not a very useful version of it. We're sure a fix is high on Microsoft's priority list. Check out the screenshot Blogoscoped's Phillip Lenssen nabbed, below.

AOL discontinues a browser no one uses

Owen Thomas · 12/31/07 12:00PM

The surprise in AOL discontinuing the Netscape browser isn't that the Netscape browser is gone. It's that it was still alive, and that anyone was still working on it. From the moment AOL bought Netscape in 1998 this was a foregone conclusion. AOL was interested in Netscape's Web traffic, not its browser; it continued using Microsoft's internet Explorer in its online service even after the acquisition. That it took AOL nine years to finally kill off the Netscape browser speaks to the Internet giant's fatal sluggishness. Not to mention its unresponsiveness to customers. Netscape has long been nothing but a memory. With its antiquated and buggy browser gone, it can now be a fond one.

Opera's drama-queen antitrust lawsuit

Tim Faulkner · 12/13/07 05:20PM

Opera Software, maker of a feature-laden but forgotten Web browser, is complaining to the European Commission about Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It's an old gripe: Opera points out — duh — that IE is bundled with Windows. Opera claims this is illegal and that IE holds back the web with lousy support for standards. This smells like a publicity stunt meant to remind people Opera still exists.

Firefox gaining on IE with Google's help

Jordan Golson · 10/23/07 06:42PM

The Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit behind Firefox, just released its 2006 financial statement. It turns out Moz's for-profit arm is making millions from a deal with Google. 85 percent of its revenue — some $56 million — came from the Google search box that is the default on every Firefox install. Google also provides users for Firefox via a pay-to-download program with Google's AdSense program and the Google Pack — a collection of apps including Google Earth, Adobe Reader, Skype and Firefox. Firefox is generally posited as David against Goliath — Microsoft's Internet Explorer. But really, Firefox is more of the slingshot, wielded by the David of Mountain View as Google and Microsoft fight Browser Wars 2.0. The latest data marks Firefox at 14.9 percent market share against IE's still-dominant 77.9 percent.

Google glitches: Stuck on page one

ndouglas · 01/27/06 06:16PM

Google fixed an bug in Google Desktop that kept Internet Explorer users from clicking past the first page of search results. Actually, this problem existed all last year, but no one ever bothered checking past the first ten results. Everyone clicks the first result anyway, don't they?