The French hate Business 2.0

Owen Thomas · 08/16/07 11:05AM

You can count on our froggy friends to scour every word published about them for the slightest sign of discrimination. And indeed, a French blogger has detected what he dubs "l'américanisme 2.0" in Business 2.0's August issue. The magazine's crime against internationalism: Calling France's Facebook and YouTube wannabes "clones" of the vastly more popular American sites, even though the sites in question, Skyrock and Dailymotion, are older than the sites they supposedly copied.

Oracle's Larry Ellison tours Israel with wife, entourage

Owen Thomas · 08/10/07 12:20PM

"He only flies." So says a member of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's entourage, explaining why, in a fly-by tour of Israel, Ellison is traveling in-country by helicopter. Ellison, in Israel with wife Melanie Craft, the novelist, and flyboy son David. The Ellisons included a tour of Sderot, a town near the Gaza Strip that's been hit by rockets. Ellison reportedly promised to beef up the local community center's air-raid defenses. "Ellison expressed a desire to keep his trip as quiet and private as possible," writes Haaretz's Guy Grimland — perhaps because he doesn't want to remind customers in the Arab world of his Jewish roots. Sorry, Larry, can't help you there.

Report: Paris Hilton's Popularity In Turkey At All-Time Low

mark · 06/18/07 05:47PM

While vacationing abroad, the Defamer Special Correspondent on the International Impact of Ill-Advised Celebrity Inmate Venue Changes had time to file this brief report on how one city's residents are treating a visiting player from the Hilton Home-Imprisonment Debacle who was in their country to participate in a global security conference: