Cuba Welcomes You, Yankee Imperialists!

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/15 08:51AM

"Each person should feel happy at work. They should feel happy with their task as creators. They should instill all those around them with their revolutionary and creative enthusiasm." — Che Guevara.

North Korea Telling Diplomats Their Safety 'Cannot Be Guaranteed'

Maggie Lange · 04/05/13 09:44AM

In move that seems to cater the gossip set interested in international relations and possible nuclear war, North Korean officials told Russian officials to consider evacuating the Russian embassy in Pyongyang and also warned the UK, that the safety of their diplomats "cannot be guaranteed." German officials called a meeting with the North Korean ambassador to express their "serious concern."

Rick Perry May Not Win, But at Least He'll Get to Start World War III

Jim Newell · 01/17/12 05:37PM

It must be that Rick Perry's too scared to go home and face the constant howling mockery of every person in Texas for the rest of his life, because there's no reason for him to be in this presidential race anymore. That is, unless he wants to ruin whatever political stature he has left with increasingly desperate and insane comments? If so, that's his business. Our (every other human's) business, though, is to avoid a World War III or nuclear winter anytime soon, and Rick Perry wingin' it at debates with maniacal jingoistic death talk is detrimental to this end.

Does Michelle Obama Hate Poland?

Max Read · 05/25/11 09:30PM

While the president continues his European tour with a stop in Poland, Michelle Obama is heading home. But is she going home to be with her daughters? Or is it because she hates Poland, and more specifically, its president?

Barack Obama's Indonesian Tranny Nanny

John Cook · 11/09/10 12:03PM

Barack Obama's trip to his ancient Muslim homeland of Indonesia is splashing all sorts of tender boyhood memories across the newspapers, like his gay male nanny who later became a transvestite volleyball player. Glenn Beck just came in his pants.