Anne Applebaum's Freaking Car Explodes

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/09 09:22AM

Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum is A) married to a high-ranking Polish politician, and B) critical of Russia's shady government, which makes it—in the most general way—kind of alarming that her car blew up yesterday. [Update: She's okay!]

Gollum Found Dead in Panama

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/09 09:40AM

Pretty quiet summer monster season this year, right? Wrong, mi amigo. A distant cousin of the Montauk Monster emerged from its cave in Panama. Then terrified kids beat it to death.

A Frame-by-Frame Analysis of Obama's Alleged Ass-Peek

John Cook · 07/10/09 12:52PM

ABC News has come up with video purporting to prove that Barack Obama did not lasciviously check out a woman's ass in Rome yesterday. We undertook a Zapruder treatment and determined that he probably did, but had no choice.

China Learns the Yin and Yang of PR

Hamilton Nolan · 07/07/09 10:26AM

China's having some wee riots by a few troublesome dead-ender Uighurs. Hundreds are dead. The media always wants to "cover" things like this. China has a new media management strategy, though: savvy PR! The Uighurs have a counter-strategy: breaking shit.

We Must Destroy Somalia to Honor Our Brave Seamen

Hamilton Nolan · 04/16/09 08:34AM

Break out the confetti and American Flag sheet cakes, because the heroic crew of the ship jacked by pirates is back in the USA! A nation celebrates, on instinct. Meanwhile, the pirates are talking shit!