Condé Nast Killed the Internship

J.K. Trotter · 10/23/13 10:31AM

You could say Condé Nast invented the Millenial-centric media internship: menial, subservient, under- or unpaid, yet intoxicatingly close to the reigning powers of New York City’s culture industry. Now they’re killing it off.

Intern Wanted For Fun Intern Project

abalk · 08/15/07 11:40AM

Terrific at organizing? Vaguely familiar with HTML? Have lots of free time? Willing to work for nothing for a company that makes 5 billion dollars a day? Gawker needs an editorial intern, like, immediately, for a project that should last about a week. As mentioned, we'll pay you nothing, but you can work from home. Even better, you can work from the office, and rub shoulders with such glamorous figures as Joshua David Stein, trillionaire despot Nick Denton, Balk, Balk's Cock, and that tech guy who always tells us that he's gonna fix stuff but never does. You cannot pass up this opportunity. Contact NOW.