Private Schools Still Enable Segregation

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/16 08:34AM

When America first legally integrated its public schools, it faced many years of “massive resistance” from racist white people. Today, private schools—particularly in the South—exist as a shadow system of segregated education.

What Comes After Segregation?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/31/12 11:56AM

Fifty years ago, segregation seemed to be the most pressing racial problem in America. The civil rights movement took it as its explicit goal to end segregation. Integration was seen as the logical precursor to equality. If separate meant unequal, then living together could only mean equality.

Study: Integrated Cafeterias Solve Racism

Hamilton Nolan · 08/23/11 04:40PM

You probably remember being in school and looking across the cafeteria at all the mysterious, differently-hued people huddled at their own table on the other side of the room and asking yourself, "Why are all those weird [black/ white/ Asian/ Latino/ Unidentifiable] kids sitting together? No wonder we are so racist." Then you continued telling racist jokes to your own racially homogenous table.

Too Many Rich Dumb Whites In Advertising

Hamilton Nolan · 12/02/08 05:32PM

The advertising industry still has a race problem; namely, that it's run by white people, and it employs mostly white people, even though it sells to the whole wondrous rainbow of consumers. And the whole industry may soon be sued for being too white! Adweek lays out the scope of the problem in a long story this week. For example, at Interpublic Group, which owns nearly 100 ad agencies, only two are owned by black people. One of whom is Steve Stoute, who secretly sells gum with pop music. Minorities, reasonably, would like to be represented by more people than just Steve Stoute. This quote poetically sums up the outrage: