The 100 Greatest Movie Burns of All Time

Richard Lawson · 06/30/10 04:47PM

Here's a video listicle of the hundred best put-downs, insults, and slams in cinema. If you're feeling like you need some negative reinforcement today, this is the video for you. There's everything from Wizard of Oz to Glengarry Glen Ross.

Facebook CEO Disses iPhone

Ryan Tate · 06/14/10 12:41PM

Mark Zuckerberg recently bought an iPhone. But the mobile phone is not very mobile, and not much of a phone, the Facebook CEO says.

Rahm Emanuel's Jewish Terrorist Dad Already Insulting Arabs

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/08 03:05PM

You may recall that knife-wielding madman Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's new Chief of Staff, has a dad named Benjamin who used to be an Israeli terrorist! Back in the 1940s Benjamin was in a militant Zionist group that massacred some Arabs and did various other freedom-promoting actions. These things can be a little sensitive, so uh, hey Rahm, whatever you do, don't let your dad go giving racist quotes about Arabs to Israeli newspapers. Okay? Oh hell, it's too late: So Benjamin, will Rahm influence the White House to more pro-Israel?

Teen-Talking Public Service Campaigns Are So Gay Nice

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/08 08:35AM

"You are so gay. Shut up gaymar and stop being so gay, because what you are is gay—so gay." You probably find yourself saying this several times per day without even thinking about it, particularly if you are a member of the critical "youth" demographic. It's just how teenagers talk! They are so gay. Well, the do-gooders at the nonprofit Ad Council are about to attack you with a massive ad campaign designed to stifle your gay-talking tendencies. Could this possibly work?

Shawn Fanning's retort

Owen Thomas · 09/19/08 02:20PM

After Valleywag reported that Napster creator Shawn Fanning may have found a new love, he issued a snappy response on Facebook. Points to Fanning for his innovative use of social-networking technology — think Sean Parker, Fanning's cofounder at Napster and Facebook's ex-president, gave him pointers? But we'd have hoped for a cleverer comeback.

Crazy Old Bay Ridge Man Faces Tenant Revolt

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/08 11:22AM

Richard Martin, the crazy sign-posting super in Bay Ridge who enjoys insulting tenants and watching his little dog ride the mechanical pony, is back in his proper place: the newspaper. The Daily News, determined to win the Martin-related tabloid war, reports today that the crazy old coot has finally moved the garbage cans out of his lobby, where he had placed them to piss off his tenants. He clarifies that those tenants are still, however, "disgusting slobs." But one anonymous tenant has struck back by lighting one of Martin's crazy signs on fire "and scorching the wall behind it." War! Could this be the end for our hero's reign of textual terror? Heaven forbid. In remembrance, a photo of our all time favorite Richard Martin sign [via BeehiveHairdresser] after the jump. We call it "Irish Fucking Christmas."

Owen Thomas · 12/12/07 06:12PM

Kara Swisher, the mean lesbian who blogs for Rupert Murdoch at AllThingsD, just called me "the town work whore" in an email. What does that even mean? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?