Hamilton Nolan · 01/22/13 01:31PM

Those polite Canadians just cannot get enough of us insulting them. (n.p.) Hey, fuck the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Big Court Win for Italian Men Who Act Like They Have Vaginas

Caity Weaver · 08/03/12 04:59PM

Men the world over are infamous for having balls—although testes, being considerably smaller than breasts and also much less adept at producing breast milk, are often overshadowed by bazoongas in lists of favorite sexual organs.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Is a Huge Crybaby Snitch

Max Read · 11/25/11 09:29AM

Sam Brownback, the Republican Governor of Kansas, is an enormous wussy mama's boy tattletale. How do we know? Because a member of his staff literally went to the principal when a high-school student Tweeted that he "sucked."

Putin Calls U.S. a 'Parasite'

Max Read · 08/01/11 11:20PM

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is displeased with you, America. At a youth rally (where he arm-wrestled young fans and attacked a climbing wall), he told the crowd:

Mark Halperin Calls Obama 'A Dick'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/11 09:06AM

Mark Halperin, the always-wrong journopundit who serves as a frequent MSNBC talking head, was on Morning Joe this morning—where, naturally, he was whining about how mean the president was to the simpering DC press corps during his press conference yesterday. "Are we on the seven second delay? I wanted to characterize how I thought the president behaved," said Halperin, setting up what you knew would be one whopper of a funny joke.

In Defense of Shit Talking

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/11 01:44PM

New York Times media guy David Carr is in big trouble for going on Bill Maher's HBO show and making a joke about how Kansas, Missouri, and other "middle places" are "the dance of the low sloping foreheads." (That means "dumb," for anyone reading in Kansas or Missouri.)

100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Christopher Han · 12/30/10 01:15PM

Here are the crudest, most vile, and also most creative insults you've ever heard put together into one devastating assembly line of a video. Hope you can pick yourself up after watching this.

James Franco Thinks We're All Idiots

Richard Lawson · 09/09/10 03:41PM

In a new profile of the greasy-haired renaissance man in The Advocate, actor turned academic and author James Franco talks about his literary ambitions (he has a short story collection coming out soon) and addresses the haters. Namely, us.

Weatherman Flips Off Coworker, Covers It Up Horribly

Matt Cherette · 08/17/10 07:32PM

BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker got peeved yesterday when co-anchor Simon McCoy implied that his forecast wouldn't be accurate. So, he flipped McCoy the bird, without realizing he was on camera. The worst middle finger coverup ever then ensued. Video inside.