CNN's Ratings Plunge, Obama on Leno

cityfile · 03/20/09 11:23AM

• Further evidence CNN's Jon Klein should start polishing his resume: The network continues to trail Fox News, MSNBC, and Headline News. [Portfolio]
• Obama's performance on The Tonight Show will keep people talking for awhile (and not in a good way, clearly), but the ratings were huge. [Time, THR]
• The April issue of Portfolio is the slimmest in Condé Nast's history. [NYP]
• Charla Lawhon is stepping down as managing editor of In Style. [WWD]
• Your prayers have been answered: VH1 is reviving Behind the Music. [NYP]
Bob Pittman says the ad industry should get a bailout, too. [Fortune]
• Fox News's Greta Van Susteren is denying her husband is a paid adviser to Sarah Palin, but she admits that he gives her advice and "helps" her. [HP]
• SpiralFrog, the glitzy music site that launched in 2006, has gone bust. [PC]
• Broadway dimmed the lights last night in honor of Natasha Richardson. [THR]

The Times Bails on Renzo, Tribune Co. Unloads the Cubs

cityfile · 01/23/09 11:21AM

• Dark days at the Times: The newspaper's in "advanced discussions" to sell a "substantial portion" of its Renzo Piano-designed headquarters. [NYT]
• Disney is merging its ABC TV network with ABC Studios. [WSJ]
• WNET-Thirteen is cutting budgets and laying off staff. [NYO]
In Style publisher Lynette Harrison Brubaker is leaving the company. [WWD]
Katie Couric will go primetime next Wednesday. [NYT]
• The final inauguration ratings are in. [AdAge]
• Is Condé Nast just publishing the same story in its various magazines? [FB]
• The Tribune Co. has sold off the Cubs for $900 million. [Chicago Trib]

New In Style Editor: Ariel Foxman

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/08 02:27PM

Ariel Foxman is the new editor of Time Inc's In Style. Foxman spent five years at the magazine previously, leaving in 2003 to edit the men's shopping magazine Cargo. Is a gay male fashion expert a strange choice to lead a magazine with a heavily female readership? "While he may not be a buyer of Manolo Blahniks, he is a keen observer of fashion and popular culture," writes Time Inc. editorial boss John Huey, by way of explanation. Okay! Read Huey's full memo introducing the stylistic Foxman to the staff, after the jump.

"Let's talk about your boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. What does he do?"

Hamilton Nolan · 06/25/08 11:15AM

The question in the headline is from InStyle's interview with actress Anne Hathaway in its upcoming issue. And we have a scan of it! To recap: Hathaway broke up with Follieri last week, and yesterday he was arrested on wire fraud and money laundering charges. So it must be so weird for her to have this interview coming out in which she gushes about cooking pasta for Follieri and throwing awesome dinner parties with him (not any more though, cause of the whole house arrest thing). Such unfortunate timing. Click through for a large version of the awk-ward InStyle page:

Conrad Black Even Swears Like Nixon

abalk2 · 05/21/07 09:20AM
  • In an interview with the Guardian, Conrad Black calls his fraud trial "bullshit" and announces that he's at war with the U.S. government. The paper also has an excerpt from Black's forthcoming biography of Richard Nixon, which praises the former president's "surpassing dignity." Read into that what you will. [Guardian]

September Issues: Fall Fashion Weigh-In #3

Jessica · 08/17/06 02:00PM

You see that? That's 28.5 POUNDS OF MAGAZINE. 28.5 lbs. is the ridiculous sum total of all our fall fashion magazine weigh-ins; the combined weight of these 13 glossies exceeds that of all the models who appear in them.