Marnie the Dog For Sure Dead Inside But What About Out

Brendan O'Connor · 08/08/16 03:30PM

In photographs, Marnie the Dog looks dead. Sources who have met her say she “smells like death.” So, is Marnie the Dog...dead? “I heard that Marnie was originally named ‘Stinky’ before she was adopted,” a source said. (This is true.) “She still smells really bad.” Maybe because she’s dead—and rotting.

Does Justin Bieber Support Donald Trump? A Social Media Mystery

Brendan O'Connor · 04/05/16 08:55PM

Approximately 15 minutes after 8:00 on Tuesday evening, screenshots of an apparent interaction between Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s Instagram accounts began circulating on social media. Bieber, it seemed, had liked one of Trump’s videos.

How I (Almost) Made Big Money Working From Home Promoting Products on Instagram

Allie Jones · 01/19/16 02:15PM

Thousands of famous and semi-famous people make money by posting photos of themselves with certain products on Instagram. Some people seem to make all their money this way—Lindsay Lohan, for example. Meanwhile, millions of other people also post photos of themselves on Instagram, often also near or with products, but get nothing in return. Instagram, its parent company Facebook, and Lindsay Lohan are all making money—why shouldn’t I get in on it too?

Instagram Descends Into Chaos: Landscape Photos, Vertical Photos–What’s Next?

Kelly Conaboy · 08/27/15 03:00PM

Yesterday in order to post a photo on Instagram you had to fit your dog, face, or palm tree into a decent and humble square. If you’re looking for that sort of order and play-by-the-rules civility in today’s world, well, keeping looking, buddy. You’re just gonna have to keep looking for that, my friend.

@TheFatJewish Is a Thief

Sam Biddle · 08/17/15 11:05AM

Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. “The Fat Jew,” has turned a single Instagram account into an online comedy career. But that entire career is based on ripping off other people’s jokes.

Horrifying Cockroach Frenzy Video Offers Perfect Reason to Leave NYC

Andy Cush · 05/26/15 04:56PM

It’s getting warmer out, which means that America’s Most Expensive Garbage Islands are about to become America’s Most Expensive Visibly Rotting Garbage Islands (Because They’re Covered in Disgusting Cockroaches). Are you ready, New York City?

Chelsea Handler Is Just Being Her Topless Self on Twitter Again

Jay Hathaway · 02/13/15 05:15PM

Instagram, the official social media platform of nipplephobes, doesn't know what it's missing. Chelsea Handler isn't even trying to post her topless photos there anymore—she's already tried thrice, and thrice did they refuse. Now she's taking them straight to Twitter, where she's appreciated, goddammit.

Dayna Evans · 01/22/15 01:20PM

There's a really interesting article over at the New York Times Magazine that looks at the #nightshift and #graveyardshift tags on Instagram, where people who work overnight hours post selfies in solidarity with each other. "Sometimes it's in the form of a gag, a ridiculous pose; sometimes it's in the form of a gaze so steady that it seems to warm the fluorescent panels framing so many of these pictures." Good read.

Polite Blood-Soaked Canadian After Car Crash: "Well, I'm Bleedin'"

Sam Biddle · 01/20/15 05:30PM

If you got into a frontal collision with another car and afterward there was blood streaming down your face, you might leap out and start yelling HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY FUCKING FACE SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW I NEED PLASTIC SURGERY FUCKING HELL OBAMACARE. But in fair Canada, even injurious car accidents are pleasant and anodyne.