Amy Schumer's Interview With a 106-Year-Old Woman Is Perfect

Rich Juzwiak · 05/07/14 07:43AM

In the "Amy Goes Deep" segment from last night's Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer deftly walks the line of vibing with and mocking 106-year-old Downing, who's being interviewed precisely because she is 106 (no other reason is needed). I love that Downing regularly lets Schumer's smart-assed questions fall flat, sometimes to the point of ignoring them. If that isn't shade, it sure reads like it. I love Downing's one-liners (on not using Twitter: "I don't know any of the new things"; on social changes she's seen women go through: "Well, everybody's wearing pants").

Amy Schumer Can Take a Compliment

Maggie Lange · 05/17/13 05:45PM

In the most recent episode of Inside Amy Schumer, comedian Amy Schumer’s new show on Comedy Central, there is a sketch about not taking a compliment. A group of women greets each other by doling out kind words and then immediately dismissing the accolade. Oh I look pretty? No I actually look like Susan Boyle's toothbrush.