Don't Call Isabella Rossellini's Revolting Bug-Sex Romp a Comeback

STV · 06/17/08 11:55AM

We'd seen this in bits and pieces since its Sundance premiere this year, but an incidental reminder in our inbox just prompted another visit to Isabella Rossellini's short-film series Green Porno. And under the influence of head-clearing morning air, it occurred to us that Rossellini's episodic forays into the reproductive lives of snails, earthworms, spiders and other bugs features not only among the most sickly prurient puppetry we've seen in years, but arguably the best work the actress has done in almost two decades. Porno's backers at Sundance Channel will tell you all about their pro-ecology mandate, but honestly, we could take or leave such shameless earnestness in the face of a bug-fucking resurgence like this. Follow the jump to view our favorite episode, Preying Mantis, whose misspelling makes all the sense in the world once its grotesquerie of oozing, carnal head-eating settles in. We'll never have sex again. [Sundance Channel via VSL]