Meet Miami Gardens, The Stop-And-Frisk Capital of America

Adam Weinstein · 05/29/14 01:40PM

New York's arrest-free search policies are well known. Less well known is the Florida city that's used quotas to stop and frisk 11-year-old boys and centenarian retirees—56,922 people in all, half the population. A new investigation finds how deep Miami Gardens' excesses really go.

How Are These Indian Talent Show Contestants Not Dead?

Adrian Chen · 11/22/11 03:53PM

It's time to depose our weakling President Obama and replace him with our new leaders, The Warriors of Goja. Judging from their performance on an Indian talent show they are invincible gods who will conquer the world, eventually.

Canadian Ice Fishermen Have a Serious Tolerance to Cold

Mike Byhoff · 12/15/09 09:40AM

If Canadians are known for one thing, it's their bacon. If they're known for two things, it's their willingness to brave unfathomable temperatures for the purposes of a viral video. This is that second thing.

How Did the Bush White House Generate 234,042 Emails Per Day?

Adrian Chen · 12/14/09 11:07PM

Two groups reached an agreement with the Obama administration today which will release 22 million White House emails that were previously "lost" by the Bush Administration. These messages span 94 days. That's 234,042 emails per day. Crazy!

Did This Congresswoman Have Lesbian Affair With a Turkish Spy?

Pareene · 09/21/09 05:02PM

There are many perils to life in Congress: the humidity, town halls yelling... But worst must be when screw-loose ex-staffers go over to the opposition and accuse you of betraying your country to Turkey while having a lesbian affair.