Jade Helm: The Pretend Invasion of Texas That's Driving the Web Crazy

Sam Biddle · 03/26/15 01:24PM

From July 15th to September 15th, over a thousand armed American soldiers will maneuver through the Southwest United States as part of a vast operation with a single motto: "Master the Human Domain." Internet conspiracy theorists wait their whole lives for a moment this rich.

BBC Interview with Alex Jones Ends with Host Calling Him a Crazy Idiot

Cord Jefferson · 06/10/13 03:25PM

The always hermetic Bilderberg Group is currently holding its annual meeting in England, thus making it the perfect time for the BBC to host America's foremost raving lunatic, Alex Jones, purveyor of foil-hat-making message board

Alex Jones Is a Tornado Truther Because, Obviously

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 05/22/13 07:36AM

Yesterday, we explored the wild reality of Tornado Truthers, who believe that massive storms are created by the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska (HAARP is actually a research station to communicate with aliens living underground — only fools think otherwise). Still, the whole affair was missing the input of King Nut himself, Alex Jones. Well, guess what? He's down.

Accused Marathon Bomber Influenced by Infowars

Max Read · 04/23/13 05:20PM

Accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a fan of Infowars, the conspiracy-theory website operated by Texas radio host Alex Jones, the AP reports.