'BusinessWeek' Doesn't Want Your Stinking Page Views

Maggie · 01/25/08 06:34PM

Whatever you do, don't try to boost BusinessWeek's web traffic! Turns out they don't want your stinking clickthroughs. As a recent story subject discovered, should you be inclined to push traffic their way via a direct "deep link" to a story, the McGraw-Hill magazine will even go so far as to ask you not to link to their site, and point you to their snooty user agreement. This is pretty much the dumbest thing we've heard in the last, oh, two hours or so, and after the jump, we'll tell you why.

Choire · 09/17/07 03:56PM

Just now we hear that Wednesday will officially bring the announcement of the death of TimesSelect. Hooray! Congratulations, everyone!