Adult Swim's New Infomercial Gives Actual Shit to Awful Startup Culture

Andy Cush · 11/18/14 04:50PM

Turn on the TV late at night this week and you might come across an extended advertisement for Smart Pipe, an exciting product that takes the internet of things to its subterranean, sewage-drenched logical conclusion. Don't worry, though: no one actually wants you to share your shit on Twitter.

The Calorie-Burning Underwear of Japan

Maureen O'Connor · 11/14/11 02:22PM

Today's entry in the mesmerizing Asian infomercial arms race: Calorie Shaper, a special Japanese underwear built with a "honeycomb spring" that supposedly helps the wearer burn calories while performing everyday tasks, like walking to the bus stop and performing choreographed dance routines in the office.

‘King of Infomercials’ Don Lapre Commits Suicide

Seth Abramovitch · 10/04/11 12:04AM

Don Lapre — the boyish infomercial shyster who lulled millions of insomniacs into pants-wetting states of catatonia via the relentless repetition of the phrase "tiny classified ads!" — has committed suicide inside an Arizona prison cell. Lapre, 47, was facing 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering in connection with his latest snake oil scam, "The Greatest Vitamin in the World," which parted 220,000 suckers with $52 million.

'King of Infomercials' Don Lapre Arrested

Jeff Neumann · 06/24/11 05:31AM

Have you seen this man, in the video above? If you watched television in the middle of the night during the 90s then you probably have! He's Don Lapre, professional TV con artist and the American Dream draped in a pastel polo shirt, and he was arrested last night in Arizona after a 24-hour run as a fugitive. On Wednesday, he didn't show up for his arraignment on charges of "conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering" connected to his marquee product, The Greatest Vitamin in the World. Shockingly, his product wasn't actually The Greatest Vitamin in the World, but rather it was a scam that netted him $52 million from over 220,000 gullible people.

Larry King Is Hawking Breath Mints Now

Matt Cherette · 04/06/11 08:12PM

Ever since Larry King departed CNN, the talk show legend has had a hard time finding things to fill his time—which is probably why he (and wife Shawn) agreed to shill for BreathGemz in this classically cheesy infomercial. [AdAge]

Tourettes Preacher Wants You to Come Out for "Bliss Fest"

Ajay Mehta · 02/04/11 06:30PM

In this bizarre informercial for a three-day religious healing conference, Australian preacher Matt Ford can't stop making strange noises. Apparently, he'll also be teaching a "sex school". Sounds stimulating.

And Now, a Commercial for Edible Cat Litter

Matt Cherette · 09/17/10 01:55PM

Do you want to use a litter box, but are afraid you won't be able to smell your cat's urine? Do you also want to be able to eat the aforementioned litter? Then World's Best Cat Litter is for you!

Is the 'TV Hat' the Stupidest Invention of 2010?

Brian Moylan · 07/09/10 12:49PM

Since there aren't any more Snuggie jokes to be made, Americans have moved on to ironically loving a new ridiculous product: the TV Hat. Can we all agree to stop wasting our money on this crap?

Cover Up Your Boobs in a New Way

Hamilton Nolan · 05/06/10 04:01PM

Do you love to have your boobs almost hanging out, but not at work? Why not buy this product, "Cami Secret?" It's basically a napkin you put under your sweater to cover your boobs. What next, flying cars? [Adrants]

You're Doing It Wrong Forever

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/23/10 10:45AM

Infomercials' common goal is to shill products any way they can, usually with screams and wacky fonts, but almost always featuring footage of failures. The best of those misuses are compiled here as a testament to man's overarching stupidity.

The Food Lift is a Product That Might as Well Exist

Mike Byhoff · 03/03/10 11:10AM

How has America made such big strides in science, technology, and medicine, but Americans still face the burden of eating with their hands? We put a man on the moon, but we still have to use a fork!? No more!

Tyra Has Turned Into One Giant, Creepy Infomercial

Mike Byhoff · 12/03/09 03:54PM

Today on Tyra it was all about newfangled health and beauty tips. No quick fix scheme has ever worked before, but these new quick fix products are sure to get results...quick!

The Spatsolver Will Solve Every Relationship Problem Ever

Mike Byhoff · 11/17/09 02:30PM

Love ignoring your wife? Hate when she says "are you even listening to me?!" Then your answer is the Spatsolver, a device that records the last five minutes of every conversation and delays your marriage from impending doom.