"Influencer" Is a Fake Job

Sam Biddle · 05/19/16 02:30PM

For years, “brands” have been paying “ordinary” “people” to “mention” their products in meaningless, easily ignored social media posts. This is called “influencer marketing,” and it’s collapsing. Fantastic, because it was a bullshit enterprise to begin with.

Cory Booker Gave CNN Chief's 14-Year-Old Son a Job

Sam Biddle · 08/07/13 10:29AM

Twitter celeb and political parvenu Cory Booker is known for his good friends—good for their influence, good for their money, and good for his future. One way to keep them all nicely on Booker's side? Give one of their teenage children a spot on his startup's board, replete with stock options.

Harvey Weinstein Needs A Winner

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/08 02:32PM

Fashion tragedy! Halston, the glamorous 70s brand that mogul Harvey Weinstein was planning to revive with relentless sexiness, is not lighting the world on fire just yet. Harvey paid $25 million for Halston last year, but its latest collection got "largely unenthusiastic reviews"—a problem the company decided to solve by reining in its creative director and moving towards design-by-committee. Which always works well in creative endeavors, yes! For Weinstein, Halston so far is just another disappointing investment, along with his "Myspace for Millionaires" and his DVD business. Free solution, Harvey: get them to wear Halston on Project Runway. You can send a check to our office. [WSJ]

Deranged Britney Spears Goes To Hospital

Joshua Stein · 01/04/08 04:24AM

It turns out Britney Spears might not technically be nutso. She's actually just "under the influence of an unknown substance." Of course, that unknown substance could be a vial of pure 100% Crazy! For the amazing part of the world that is Southern California, this is like 9/11 and just like 9/11, the newscasters have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Defamer has some pretty good videos too, in which one can hear a paparazzo salivate with glee at getting a clean shot of Britney's driveway. Yay, America!