Senator Tells the Surgeon General Nominee He Knows Some Indian Doctors

Adam Weinstein · 02/05/14 09:11AM

Vivek Murthy has three Ivy degrees and teaches at Harvard Medical School. He's likely the next surgeon general of the United States. He's an Indian-American. And in this video from his confirmation hearing yesterday, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) wants him to know that his people are just wonderful!

Red Scare: First Americans Ditch America!

Pareene · 12/20/07 04:20PM

The Lakota tribes are seceding from the US and maybe taking control of large swaths of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, according to "a delegation of Lakota leaders." That delegation includes nutty old Russell Means, who once campaigned for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination (against RON "COLONEL BLIMP" PAUL) but perhaps is best well known for his role as vagina-expert Wandering Bear on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Pareene · 12/05/07 04:00PM

The suit from Gristedes owner and eccentric pretend mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis against Indian tribes selling tax-free cigarettes has been tossed out, so who wants to go in with us on a party bus and head out to Mastic? We don't care how many billionaire supermarket magnates starve for lack of our pre-tax dollars, we need cheap smokes. Let's pick up some tax-free financial news while we're there too and put Bloomberg outta business! [NYT]