The Best FCC Complaints About Satan and Groin-Kicking On The Simpsons

Adrian Chen · 10/18/13 01:38PM

It is 2013 and people are still offended by the animated Fox TV show The Simpsons. This week, obtained an archive of indecency complaints about the Simpsons to the FCC from 2010-2013, via Freedom of Information Act request, . They are pretty amazing. (There's also an archive of South Park complaints [pdf] but people getting upset about The Simpsons is much funnier.)

Slatternly Trollops Flaunt Their Vaginal Potions Right Where Your Children Are Buying Candy

Hamilton Nolan · 07/03/12 01:54PM

The latest front in America's whorish War on Decency could be as close as the drug store aisle. Our nation's Pandora-like women, outfitted in buttocks-baring short shorts as they prowl the landscape for the "good time" Appletini party boy of the night, now demand the right to have unspeakable varieties of grossly sexual concoctions and tools for prodding into nameless bodily crevices available for purchase at every small-town retailer and drug store. How long before your child comes home from a "candy run" to reveal a mouthful not of Lik-M-Aid but of KY Jelly, what with its eye-catching, alluring packaging?

Fox Fights For The Right To Prime Time Smut

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/08 10:04AM

The Fox Network: freedom fighters, or the anchor around American pop culture's neck as it plummets down to the inevitable lowest common denominator in all forms of entertainment? Could be both! Fox is refusing to pay a $91,000 indecency fine from the FCC for a 2003 episode of the execrable show "Married By America" that featured guys licking whipped cream off strippers and being spanked [Variety]. On one hand, screw the uptight fascists at the FCC and their enforced moralizing! On the other hand, we know Fox is fighting this just so they don't set any precedents that would hinder their rush towards programming that will culminate in live executions of the poor on TV. So it's hard not to be torn on this issue. Below, what appears to be the only clip on YouTube of "Married By America' (not the stripper one). This was a justifiably unpopular show.