It Took Basically a Whole Town to Salvage This Incompetent Marriage Proposal

Jay Hathaway · 08/27/15 10:30AM

This is how a proposal is supposed to go in Southport, N.C.: You head down to that fish bar by the water Saturday night, and take a walk on the dock with your girlfriend. “Hey, is that your mom?” she wonders, “What’s she doing here?” She turns around and you’re already on one knee, deftly whipping out the box containing your future fiancée’s engagement ring. Smooth. Flawless. But that’s not how it went for Matthew Picca, age 25.

Here's What Happens When You Report Sexual Misconduct on the Subway

Anonymous · 05/08/15 10:40AM

Yesterday morning, between 9:30 and 9:40 a.m. (yes, I was running late to work) I was the victim of sexual misconduct at the Fulton Street subway stop, at the exit near Fulton and William streets. The MTA and the NYPD failed to provide substantial measures in responding to and reporting the incident.

Criminals Everywhere Unable to Carry Out a Simple Robbery

Hamilton Nolan · 10/06/10 09:52AM

Criminals: are they becoming less able? In cities across the world, it has been a terrible week for those who try to make their living by robbing others. Three examples below illustrate this embarrassing trend of outlaw incompetence.