Fed Survey: We're Poor, Unless We're Rich

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/15 04:07PM

Who ruined our economy, Bush or Obama? Trick question! The economy’s never been better, for investors and rentiers. And it’s never getting better for everybody else, including the half of Americans who just told the U.S. government they’d be fucked if they needed to come up with $400, like, now.

Hopey and Changey: Iran's New President and the Vatican's New Pope

Ken Layne · 09/20/13 02:28PM

A good way to routinely bum yourself out is to set "Google News" as your Internet home page. But last night, something magical happened on that usual grid of gloom: The top stories were good news: Pope Francis and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the elderly men recently chosen to lead their respective communities, had again made headlines for words of kindness and reconciliation.

Only Government Bloodsuckers Made More Money Last Year

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/10 09:16AM

Is the "Great Recession" over? Not according to statistics! Here is what happened last year economically, in a nutshell: everybody got poorer, except the people who live off your tax dollars. Where was the Tea Party during all this?

Sarah Palin: Tax Cheat

ian spiegelman · 10/04/08 09:10AM

Say what you will about Sarah Palin-that she's a dingbat, an ideologue, and a bit of a creep-but she's not dumb enough to pay her taxes. The McCain campaign released the last two years of her tax returns yesterday in an old school Friday news dump-and she totally cheats! "Palin, it appears, did not pay taxes on the more than $60,000 of travel reimbursements that she and her family members reportedly billed the state during her 18 months as governor." McCain's goons will surely argue that there's nothing wrong with that. Because they are liars. "There is a fairly wonky debate over whether she should have been charged for these trips or whether it was accounted for in her salary. John Bogdanski, a tax professor at the Lewis and Clark Law School, told the Huffington Post's Seth Colter Walls that they did qualify as taxable income." And $60 grand isn't a big deal if you're a total millionaire like John McCain and own eight houses, but Palin is merely wealthy. So she rips off the Treasury Joe Six-Pack style. "According to an accompanying 2007 personal financial disclosure report, Palin's 'income' as governor of Alaska was $196,531.50, well above the $107,987.00 that was noted on her W2 form from that same year." [HuffPo]

TV Stars' Salaries Commensurate With Ego

seth · 09/27/07 07:15PM

The compiling compulsives at Forbes have once again amassed a list of famous people graded according to their gross annual income, this time focusing the wealth-as-worth index on Hollywood's lucrative TV sector. (No, you aren't having deja vu—TV Guide did a similar list a few months ago, but Forbes's editors are far better equipped to type out 9-figure salaries without having their fingers tremble.) On it, you'll spot the familiar faces of any number of trap-jawed cooks and follicly deficient self-help gurus, birthed in test tubes at Harpo Laboratories and currently reaping the generous rewards of multi-year syndie strip deals.