A Very Brady Gang Bang

seth · 07/23/07 03:54PM

We rely on our cousins at Fleshbot, the blog in the brown paper bag, for all the latest in the adult entertainment industry, but rarely have we been so titillated by a Hollywood-inspired hardcore release than we are with Not The Bradys XXX, an Aristocrats-take on everyone's favorite Valley-dwelling step-family.

More On Julie Roehm's Quasi-Incestuous Love

Emily Gould · 03/20/07 04:31PM

The lawsuit Wal-Mart filed against its former marketing exec Julie Roehm reads like a juicy novel. Like a V.C. Andrews novel, kinda! After the jump, a highlight of the email correspondence between Roehm and her alleged secret lovah, fellow employee Sean Womack, who, according to the suit, "frequently referred, and continues to refer, to Roehm as the 'big sister [he] never had.'"

New Trend! Rich People Sleep With Their Kids

Emily Gould · 03/01/07 01:30PM

See that bedroom that's bigger than your studio, peon? It's never been used by its inhabitant, 5-year-old Harrison Costello. He prefers to cuddle up to his parents at night. Creepy? Well, not as creepy as the fact that a consultancy called Soho Parenting exists to address this very issue. Creepier still: Harrison's mom, Domino style director Susie Sara Costello, says that "her family's bed-hopping is 'tough on relations—I'm not going to lie.'" We'll leave the quasi-incest aside here, because we want to kiss up to Susie Sara: So, if Harrison's not using it, can we move in?

AOL creepy user watch, volume 16

Nick Douglas · 08/22/06 09:51PM
  • eWeek lists ten effects of AOL's search records leak. Effect #11: Journalists everywhere goad each other to stalk AOL users. [eWeek]