Inception Summarized in a 60 Second Victorian Animation

Marie Bardi · 03/10/11 05:45PM

This stop motion short by Austrian artist Wolfgang Matzl summarizes everyone's favorite mindbender of a summer blockbuster - and it's obviously just as confusing as the original source.

Watch the Jackass Guys Spoof Inception

Marie Bardi · 01/13/11 07:00PM

In this promo for VH1's Critic's Choice Awards, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam, and the rest of the "Jackass" crew take on everyone's favorite mindbending, hallway-shifting summer blockbuster. Not surprisingly, Steve-O's dreamscape involves golf carts, porn stars, and porta-potties.

The Oscar Predictions You've Been Waiting For

Richard Lawson · 12/07/10 11:35AM

Well, it's that most wonderful time of the year again. No, not Christmas, the war against which we are fully waging. We mean Oscar season! Some early awards have been given out, so it's time to start the prediction game.

Inception in Real Time

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 10:51AM

The further you go into dream levels, the more action you can fit into the same amount of real time. Here's a video that shows everything happening at once! (Warning: it's still not going to make sense)

Every Surprised Animal Rolled into One Dramatic Video

Christopher Han · 11/07/10 03:49PM

Inception Animals puts together all the surprised and intense animal faces into one 30-second rush of adrenaline. It's accompanied by the same score as the movie - "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey. Prepare to be blown away.

Inception of The Matrix Trailer

Chris Dignes · 08/31/10 03:17PM

Nick Bosworth boldly mashed two of the definitive movies on questioning your own reality through dreams and created the enclosed Inception of The Matrix Trailer.

10 Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

Brian Moylan · 08/19/10 03:21PM

Labor Day is rapidly approaching, and with it the end to the warmer weather and the lazy pace of the summer season. But before that happens, you better cross these activities off your list. Time's running out!

Inebriation Is the Best Inception Parody Yet

Matt Cherette · 08/19/10 01:09PM

This is fun, and surprisingly well done. Here's a trailer for Inebriation, about a man who specializes in "a very specific type of insobriety—unconscious insobriety." Then, he steals stuff from drunk people. Or something like that. Video inside.

The Awesome 'Secret' Behind the Music in Inception

Max Read · 07/26/10 07:52PM

Did you like Inception? Especially the booming score? Do you like having your mind totally blown? Then you will enjoy watching this one-minute explanatory video about exactly how awesome the movie was. You just got incepted. [Via]