Lacey Donohue · 01/01/14 04:07PM

[New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took the oath of office during a public inauguration ceremony at City Hall in New York City on Wednesday. Mayor de Blasio, along with his wife Chirlane McCray, and his children Chiara and Dante, took the subway to the ceremony. In his address, he promised to "leave no New Yorker behind." Image by Seth Wenig via AP]

The Inaugural Ball's Jennifer Hudson Performance Countered by Cheez-Its, Stale Pretzels and Long Drink Lines

Taylor Berman · 01/21/13 11:57PM

Sure, if you go to the Inaugural Ball you get to watch Jennifer Hudson sing "Let's Stay Together" while the Obamas dance. But based on the dispatches from intrepid reporters at Obama's Inaugural Ball, those of us who were stuck at home should consider ourselves lucky; the conditions there sound atrocious — squalid, even. For starters, the food: the available snacks include "Cheez-Its crackers and stale pretzels." The horror.

Barack Obama Takes the Oath of Office for His Second Term

Robert Kessler · 01/20/13 12:57PM

President Barack Obama was officially sworn in for his second term as president. In a small ceremony at the White House, Obama swore to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." The oath was administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts; Michelle, Sasha and Malia joined him too.

Robert Kessler · 01/20/13 10:16AM

Joe Biden was sworn in to his second term this morning. A Corvette delivered the oath, kidding, it was Sonia Sotomayor.

Michele Bachmann's Gay Stepsister Attended Obama's Inauguration

Maureen O'Connor · 07/14/11 01:38PM

Years ago, Michele Bachmann's openly gay stepsister Helen LaFave protested at one of Michele's anti-gay rallies. Since then, Helen has kept a low profile, but she continues to support liberal politics: Salon's Natasha Lennard recently uncovered a video of Helen and long-term partner Nia Wronski attending Obama's 2009 presidential inauguration. The duo got their tickets "through one of the congresspeople" and drove for two days "with six family members."

Bruce Takes a Pass

cityfile · 12/09/09 08:32AM

Chris Christie will be sworn in as New Jersey's governor next month. But his inauguration isn't going to go off as he'd hoped. The lifelong Bruce Springsteen fan had "wanted nothing more" than to have the Boss perform at the event on January 19. But that isn't going to happen. Springsteen, who just so happens to be a lifelong Democrat, has turned down the request because he "doesn't want to get involved in state politics." [NYT]

HBO Exec Angry, Litigious Over Missing Obama's Speech

Hamilton Nolan · 01/26/09 04:23PM

Sheila Nevins, HBO documentary films president and overall entertainment industry big shot, was very mad she couldn't watch Obama's inauguration live from her first class airplane seat. But were the cops and lawyers necessary?

The Times Bails on Renzo, Tribune Co. Unloads the Cubs

cityfile · 01/23/09 11:21AM

• Dark days at the Times: The newspaper's in "advanced discussions" to sell a "substantial portion" of its Renzo Piano-designed headquarters. [NYT]
• Disney is merging its ABC TV network with ABC Studios. [WSJ]
• WNET-Thirteen is cutting budgets and laying off staff. [NYO]
In Style publisher Lynette Harrison Brubaker is leaving the company. [WWD]
Katie Couric will go primetime next Wednesday. [NYT]
• The final inauguration ratings are in. [AdAge]
• Is Condé Nast just publishing the same story in its various magazines? [FB]
• The Tribune Co. has sold off the Cubs for $900 million. [Chicago Trib]

Obama's Big Fake Inauguration

Ryan Tate · 01/23/09 04:18AM

The credulous public didn't hear the REAL performance by Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman at Barack Obama's inauguration. It heard a two-day old recording. Along with that fake oath.

Anderson Cooper Totally Incoherent After Inauguration

Hamilton Nolan · 01/22/09 04:50PM

Wow, the intoxication fatigue of the inauguration really wears reporters down to babbling idiots. Witness this wacky error reel from a single episode of Anderson Cooper's show yesterday! Amazing. Red Bull gives you wings, AC.

Ms. Martha Goes to Washington

cityfile · 01/22/09 01:18PM

What was Martha Stewart's favorite part about attending the inauguration in DC? No, not watching Obama's swearing-in or attending the galas, silly. Martha says she was most excited about the train trip that she took to get there, since she got a really good deal on first class Acela tickets and ran into Dan Rather, too! []

Second Time's the Charm

cityfile · 01/21/09 07:36PM

Hope you didn't stand in the freezing cold on Tuesday to witness Barack Obama place his hand on the Lincoln Bible and take the oath of office. Thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts' inability to get the 35 words right the first time around, Obama retook the oath at 7:35pm this evening. Right-wing crackpots will undoubtedly be disappointed by Obama's "abundance of caution," although if you were one of the people who was bummed to see Obama don a red tie to take the oath on Tuesday instead of a blue one, well, you now have the photo you were hoping for. [NYDN, NYT]

Sundance: Not Quite as Exciting as Democracy in Action

cityfile · 01/21/09 12:41PM

We'll excuse you if you forgot that the Sundance Film Festival is taking place right now. Whether it's because of the recession or those scene-stealers in Washington who've been hogging the spotlight this week, this year's fest will likely go down as one of the most low-profile in recent memory. The first batch of events this past weekend turned out to be a disappointment to celeb spotters (unless you count the occasional glimpse of people like Denise Richards and Ron Jeremy, that is). And the situation didn't improve yesterday when Park City turned into a ghost town as important people jumped on jets to head to Washington and the less fortunate had to make do with watching the historic event on TV. (Pity the photogs: The dearth of A-listers, reports VF, sent "errant packs of TMZ reporters scrambling for a celebrity sighting that was nowhere to be had.")