Richard Branson moves in on Google girl

Chris Mohney · 03/12/07 12:00PM

A disturbing moment from the TED conference captured by eBayer Pierre Omidyar's Flickr stream. Sergey Brin's fiancée Anne Wojcicki canoodling with the rebel billionaire himself, Sir Richard Branson. Such unseemly public head-rubbing.

Naked jogger inspires headline writers

Chris Mohney · 02/15/07 06:00PM

The choices range from "Naked South Bay Jogger Comes Clean" to "Nude jogger's jiggles end with a fine and an apology." Scientific Atlanta engineer (and proud patent holder) Darryl Delacruz has been identified as the Naked Jogger of Cupertino. Alternately described as "fleshy" and "not in very good physical shape," Delacruz also purportedly owns a dumpling shop. He's a traditional nudist, not a sex-crazed physical fitness freak, and presented no danger besides confusing one equestrian's horse ("She probably wondered where he kept his carrots."). Delacruz will pay a $95 fine and will henceforth cover his carrots and dumplings when running in public.