Demetri Martin has Your Money Situation All Figured Out

Whitney Jefferson · 02/26/10 01:37PM

Last night's Important Thing was Money. Here, Demetri explains how what term a person calls their money can tell us how much cash they actually have. For example, if you call your money "dough," you're probably broke and a douchebag.

Vote For The New White Racial Slur!

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/08 09:38AM

Yesterday we asked for new and improved racial slurs for 'white people,' and we got more than 350 comments in response. We've narrowed the list down to the top ten. We want a real, usable slur, so we've focused on pithy, easy-to-shout ideas. Now we're turning it over to you, our racist readers. Please keep in mind the gravity of your task; the very racial equality of our nation depends on the equality of its slurs. After the jump, vote for your choice in our poll. Choose well!

Pride Of NYC, America Hinges On Knicks Draft Choice

Hamilton Nolan · 05/23/08 11:56AM

Because it's a lazy Friday before a long weekend, it's time to talk a bit about sports. But this is important! The Knicks, to everyone's chagrin, drew only the sixth pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Had they landed the first pick, they would have been assured of getting Derrick Rose, the best player in the nation and a great point guard, which is what the team needs. Now, draft projections say they may end up picking OJ Mayo, the USC guard and former high school phenom. Who could also be good! Why is this important? Now that supervillain Isaiah Thomas has been fired as Knicks coach, the city needs to heal again. This draft will set the tone for the team's resurrection. Even if you don't like sports, you must wish fervently for a strong Knicks squad, for the sake of NYC's honor—we cannot afford for our city to be trashed by middle American teams. It's bad for everyone here, and everyone who runs America is here, so it's bad for America. Below, a highlight video of Derrick Rose (maybe they can trade up for him!) and one of OJ May (did you know he had such a sweet jumpshot? I didn't.). THIS IS IMPORTANT.