Scientists Endure Hours of Sean Connery Impressions to Better Humanity

Maggie Lange · 06/18/13 04:14PM

With the noble goal of elevating the subtleties of speech, a group of scientists at the Royal Holloway College at the University in London endured an awful task. They studied "non-professional impersonators" doing their best impressions. The scientists looked at fMRI scans as these "non-professional impersonators" imitated other people's voices and foreign accents, in hopes to learn more about non-verbal aspects of speech—like tone, style, and contextual changes.

Who Knew Obama's Elitist Voice Had Such Southern Twang?

Jim Newell · 10/05/10 01:35PM

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul has released a pleasant ad in which an Obama impersonator signs "Bigger Government" bills and thanks Paul's opponent, Jack Conway, for his support. But the Obama impression? That's some Southern accent, for a Hawaiian nerd.