cityfile · 01/05/10 03:30PM

• Prepare to enter the third dimension. ESPN plans to launch a 3D channel in June. And Discovery, Imax and Sony are teaming up on a 3D channel, too.
• Has Kathy Griffin been banned from CNN following her risqué performance alongside Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Newsday is cutting pay and vacations for 1,100 of its employees. [NYP]
• Apple's buzzed-about tablet device comes out in March. [WSJ]
• Google's buzzed-about mobile phone/iPhone ripoff debuted today. [BN]
• You'll be relieved to hear that the New York Times has no plans to follow in Kim Kardashian's footsteps and begin sticking ads in its tweets. [AdAge]
• Coming soon: Publicist Kelly Cutrone's TV show and self-help book. [WWD]
• Nielsen closed Kirkus Reviews last week, but it may now have a savior. [NYT]
Conveyor of Love, the new reality show on ABC that combines dating and the latest in baggage handling technology, is off to a solid start. [Wrap]
• Will Avatar turn out to be the biggest movie ever? Maybe! [MTV]

STV · 11/06/08 02:35PM

Brooding Hero Saves IMAX: The Dark Knight's billion-dollar windfall last summer helped nudge IMAX closer to its old, profitable days, with the megascreen exhibitor regaining last quarter more than half of its $7.3 million loss from this time last year. The company has taken a hit from ongoing digital rollouts at more than 275 theaters globally; it anticipates another boost when Dark Knight is rereleased in January '09 and when James Cameron's Avatar arrives next December. If/when Disney ever accedes to the rumored Hannah Montana 2: Miley Day Massacre, look for the black ink to gush once again at IMAX's Toronto headquarters. [THR]