'Mergers and Acquisitions': The Great Debate

abalk2 · 04/10/07 12:41PM

As those who (for some reason) care may recall, no one over here can agree about anything regarding Dana Vachon's debut novel, Mergers & Acquisitions. Crap? Genius? Sign 'o the times? Horseman of apocalypse? Honestly, it's been tearing our office apart. Because the book party is tonight—more on that tomorrow!—we made Alex and Emily get together to work it all out. This sort of thing will be mainly of interest to those who first have an interest in books (cutting out most of you!) and, second, those who have read the book or are interested in so doing. (There go most the rest!) There are a few minor SPOILERS, so keep that in mind if, but other than that it's like listening in on a book club. And we all know how fascinating that is!

The Cat Psychic Truth Is Out There

Emily Gould · 03/19/07 12:06PM

Much as we admire the whippersnappers who bring us Weekend Gawker, we must take issue with their decision to award the coveted "Best cat-related remark" T.M.I. award to someone other than Sue Pike, who is a "slender 45 year old" from Prospect Heights who is "in the field of animal communications." That's right: Sue is a kitty psychic! The Times finds her tending to the needs of aggressive Gatti and shy Lola, whose voices she channels in a "high-pitched girlish tone." After the jump, Gawker's own Mulder and Scully (guess who is who!) try to figure out whether Sue really has the power of sight beyond sight. Hint: no.

Frank Bruni Does It In Hotels

Choire · 03/14/07 12:47PM

Today's Dining section of the Times stars food critic Frank Bruni's review of room service during a week spent in hotels. There are questions, and there are answers. There are answers that look like questions. There are also significant references to Bruni-hating chef Jeffrey Chodorow, which remind us that the chef is implicated in the McNally-Gansevoort Meatpacking wars. We retreated into the warm confusion of a group IM chat to get to the bottom of it all.

Handicapping The Pulitzers

abalk2 · 03/09/07 05:04PM

Yesterday, in what is becoming an annual tradition, Editor & Publisher revealed a leaked list of Pulitzer finalists. Two Gawker editors, who hereby affirm at the outset that they have read almost none of the nominated stories in question, sat down today to handicap the awards. Their predictions are lengthy, ill-informed, and almost certain to be incorrect. Still, it's Friday afternoon and you need something to print out for your train ride home. Why not this?