Hamilton Nolan · 12/10/15 11:20AM

The keeper of the IKEA monkey, who’s been living in a Canadian animal sanctuary for three years now, tells Vice the primate’s life has improved: “Monkeys shouldn’t be wearing nappies, monkeys shouldn’t be on a leash, and they shouldn’t be wearing coats.” Mmm... disagree.

The Best of Ikea Monkey, the Meme

Max Read · 12/10/12 12:56PM

Who doesn't love the Ikea Monkey — the seven-month-old Rhesus Macaque found wandering around a Toronto Ikea yesterday in a shearling coat? ("His favorite," apparently, according to his previous owners who were relieved of him following the Ikea incident.) Everyone loves the Ikea Monkey, which is why Ikea Monkey is now a meme. Here are some of the best Ikea Monkey memes.

Shearling Coat-Wearing Monkey Found Wandering Around Canadian Ikea

Taylor Berman · 12/09/12 07:05PM

According to various reports, a very fashionably dressed monkey was found wandering around an Ikea in Toronto. Apparently, the monkey, who was wearing a shearling coat and a diaper, was brought to the store by his owners and left in the car while they went inside. But, as you might have guessed from his coat, this wasn't your regular, run-of-the-mill monkey, content to stay in the car while his owners had all the shopping fun. As the Globe and Mail reports: