Museumgoers Think IKEA Painting is Real, Amazing, Worth Six Figures

Jay Hathaway · 03/20/15 02:00PM

Art is whatever people think it is, and what people think it is depends an awful lot on context: For example, whether the work is being displayed in an art museum by a dapper bloke in glasses and a vest, or whether it's sitting alongside other copies of the exact same print in an IKEA, with a listed price of €10.

IKEA Hates Fun, Shuts Down Hide and Seek Games at Dutch Stores

Dayna Evans · 03/17/15 02:50PM

You know what would be a fun way to spend your Saturday night? Playing hide and seek with a huge group of Dutch people at an IKEA in Amsterdam. IKEA is wicked stressful, and that stress could be alleviated with some childhood revelry among plastic laptops and display couches. IKEA's bosses, however, have to disagree.

IKEA Australia Offers a Free Crib to Any Baby Born 9 Months From Today

Caity Weaver · 02/14/13 06:15PM

Good news if the only thing keeping you from having a baby was the fear that you might not be able to scrape together $99 to buy a crib from IKEA; IKEA Australia is offering a free crib to any baby who is born nine months from today, on November 14, 2013.

Shearling Coat-Wearing Monkey Found Wandering Around Canadian Ikea

Taylor Berman · 12/09/12 07:05PM

According to various reports, a very fashionably dressed monkey was found wandering around an Ikea in Toronto. Apparently, the monkey, who was wearing a shearling coat and a diaper, was brought to the store by his owners and left in the car while they went inside. But, as you might have guessed from his coat, this wasn't your regular, run-of-the-mill monkey, content to stay in the car while his owners had all the shopping fun. As the Globe and Mail reports:

Saudi Arabia's Alternative to Photoshopping Women Out of Ads: Scribbling All Over Cleavage

Cord Jefferson · 10/01/12 05:20PM

The Swedish Metro newspaper reported today that expendable furniture behemoth Ikea had Photoshopped its Saudi Arabian catalogues to completely exclude women from the pages. Scenes that included a mother, a father, and a child in other catalogues, for instance, had been touched up to be just a father and a kid. Other settings eliminated people altogether rather than include a woman in the image. Naturally, many people were furious about the perceived misogyny, especially when Ikea, through its charitable donations, attempts to put on a very pro-woman stance.