'Hipster IHOP' Hires Bouncer to Defend Itself from Drunken Youths

Richard Lawson · 09/21/11 02:34PM

A new IHOP pancake depot is soon to open in Manhattan's East Village, the downtown epicenter of NYU kids and other tight-jeaned menaces. Management is expecting such a deluge of late-night customers streaming in from the bar-heavy neighborhood that they've hired security.

Four Killed as Gunman Opens Fire with AK-47 in IHOP

Max Read · 09/06/11 05:54PM

A gunman in Carson City, Nev. opened fire with an AK-47 at an IHOP on Tuesday morning, killing three before shooting himself in the head. His motive is unclear. Two of the victims were members of the Nevada Army National Guard; the third was a civilian.