Watch Nicki Minaj Throw Major Shade at Iggy Azalea

Rich Juzwiak · 06/29/14 11:33PM

While accepting her BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist tonight, Nicki Minaj made a none too subtle jab at one of her fellow nominees in the category, Iggy Azalea. You can see why: This is the first year since Nicki Minaj became a household name that she conceivably could have lost in the category, thanks to the obscene success of Iggy Azalea and her single, "Fancy." Nicki was looking to take home the category's trophy for the fifth year in a row. Would the BET powers that be who arbitrarily re-reward the rich, famous, and talented allow her to win again? That's about as close to suspense as you'll find on one of these shows.

Jimmy Kimmel and Iggy Azalea Translate "Fancy" Lyrics for Old People

Rich Juzwiak · 05/16/14 01:05PM

Before performing her Top 5 hit "Fancy" on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Australian rapper/drag queen Iggy Azalea helped prep the squares in Kimmel's audience by rephrasing the lyrics of the song's first verse and hook. Her in-between accent as she recites (but doesn't quite rap) her lyrics is utterly bizarre, and Kimmel's translations are for the most part hilarious.

Iggy Azalea Is Rap's Best Drag Queen

Rich Juzwiak · 04/26/14 07:30AM

I didn't fully appreciate the 23-year-old white rapper from Australia who goes by the name of Iggy Azalea until I realized earlier this week that she's a drag queen.

All the Girls Standing in the Line For the Rap Show: Iggy Azalea's Sudden Rise

Emma Carmichael · 06/14/12 03:25PM

Iggy Azalea almost wasn't Internet-famous. Last summer, the native Australian was living in Los Angeles, and after what was supposed to be two weeks in Miami at age 16 had turned into five years spent in four cities throughout the states, she was down to the last of her savings. She had one shot left, and so she used that money to film the music video for "PU$$Y," a song off her first mixtape.