Mike Daisey Finally Gives the Apology He Should Have Given Days Ago

Adrian Chen · 03/26/12 01:20PM

Like a moth emerging from a cocoon, lying monologuist Mike Daisey has reached the final stage of his belabored public apology for making up stuff about Foxconn. Let's trace his dramatic transition from fatuous defiance to full contrition.

How I Was Duped By Mike Daisey's Lies

Adrian Chen · 03/19/12 09:00AM

I can't blame This American Life for falling for disgraced monologuist Mike Daisey's lies because I fell for them, too. I once confronted Daisey with my own doubts about his story, but he gave such a convincing performance that I stupidly dropped the issue.

This American Life Retracts Explosive Foxconn Episode, Says It Was 'Partially Fabricated'

Adrian Chen · 03/16/12 01:29PM

In January, American Public Medial show This American Life aired a powerful episode exposing labor practices at the Foxconn factory in China which make Apple products, based on the monologuist Mike Daisey's work "The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs." The episode detailed Daisey's harrowing trip to Shenzen, where he said he met with workers who made Apple's iPad and iPhone. Now This American Life is retracting it, saying Daisey lied to them and portions of his story were fabricated.