Parody of News Network Invites on Parody of Blogger

Rebecca · 04/21/08 04:42PM

The Harvard educated and camera ready investment banker Muffie Benson-Perella would be a great guest on any business show. Her blog's slogan is "Dive Into the Muff!" And who wouldn't want to? This photogenic business woman is the founder of the Founder of Muff Cap, LLC., "an invitation only, private investment vehicle for prestigious and accredited investors only, employing an actively managed, long-short strategy." Plus, in prep school she concentrated in Contemporary French Poetry, and she was a part of the school's "exclusive" French Club. Fortunately, Muffie is just a caricature of vile she-bankers. Unfortunately, she's just the type the insipid Fox Business Happy Hour would love to have on as a guest. The network asked her to appear on an upcoming episode. After the jump, Fox's invitation to her mockery.