Rick Perry's a Moron, Wants to Make Sure Texan Kids Are Too

Ravi Somaiya · 01/14/10 05:20AM

The perhaps-secessionist Texas governor refuses to compete for $700m in stimulus money for education. Because he thinks it "smacks of a federal takeover of our public schools." Good one Rick. You've really got one over on the man. [AP]

The Fox & Friends Gang Takes a Stand: I'm With Stupid

Richard Lawson · 07/28/09 02:24PM

Oh goodness. I'd hoped for a good clip to end my Fox & Friends "coverage", and the video team has delivered. Today the pompadoured earwigs were discussing America-hating Bill Maher. Why doesn't he leave and go to France?

The Ten Dumbest Things Said About Newspapers This Year. All By The Same Man!

Hamilton Nolan · 09/08/08 01:49PM

Lee Abrams looks like Dunkin Donuts' Fred the Baker without his hair dye. But Fred the Baker got up every day to make donuts, and that's the type of old-style thinking that Lee Abrams is here to destroy! Abrams is the "Chief Innovation Officer" (LOL) of the dying Tribune Company, and also the man who says the most mystifying (and sometimes infuriating) things you will ever hear about the newspaper industry. All the time. Seriously. ""I just try to inpsire people to rethink things," Abrams declared yesterday. "There's no reason we can't create a newspaper renaissance." Ha. Here are ten of Lee Abrams' stupidest "NOT IRRELIVENT" inspirational messages:

Mark Penn: You Fool

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/08 01:41PM

So Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's doughy chief strategist, finally got booted from the campaign last weekend. The majority of her campaign team hated him for some time, so his departure will be welcomed by insiders. They felt that his strategy was unsuccessful, and they were right. But the specific reason for Penn's departure was his idiot move of meeting with the Colombian government, in his day job as CEO of massive PR firm Burson-Marsteller, to represent them on the opposite side of an issue from Hillary Clinton, while running her campaign. And you know what? This moment was inevitable. The very idea of having a man simultaneously running a presidential campaign and an international PR firm is stupid, and never should have happened in the first place. You fools!

Maggie · 12/04/07 10:40AM

Next time you need a little quick cash to incentivize the lightly-scrupled internist who provides your medically unnecessary Adderall prescription, think twice before heading down to your local sperm bank. You may be reduced to chewing coffee beans to get through your day when the kid you didn't know you fathered forces you to pay his college tuition. [WNBC]