Politico's Emmy Dreams

John Cook · 09/17/09 03:25PM

We've long known that Politico exists for no other reason than to make money by celebrating and enabling the continuing devolution of political reporting into content-free, America-hurting cable-news idiocy. But it's still sad to see them actually admit it.

North to the Future

John Cook · 07/28/09 11:06AM

Last night, Conan O'Brien staged a dramatic reading of Sarah Palin's farewell speech/mad triumphant soul-cry as read by William Shatner and accompanied by bongos and stand-up bass.

Sarah Palin Continues Her Brutal War on the Media

John Cook · 07/07/09 11:47AM

Not content with ruining the Fourth of July weekends of dozens of cable-news personalities and producers, Sarah Palin followed up by dragging poor Andrea Mitchell and a bunch of other saps to some godforsaken fishing hole in Alaska last night.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Just Want to Be on TV Like Everybody Else

John Cook · 05/26/09 04:08PM

We don't pretend to understand the appeal of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, but its season premiere brought in a whopping 9.8 million viewers last night—that's more than last week's Lost season finale. So why is this Kate woman complaining that people are interested in her life?