Man Films Terrifying Moment Neighbor Chops Down Front Door With Machete

Aleksander Chan · 01/19/15 12:05PM

Twain Thomas was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week after chopping down his neighbor's front door last February with a machete, apparently attempting to kill. The neighbor, James Cvengros, filmed the break-in and stopped Thomas by shooting him three times in the chest. "I know they were terrified," Thomas, 54, said in his sentencing.

Naked Intruder Poops on Couple's Floor, Gets Ride Home From Cops

Adam Weinstein · 06/23/14 04:05PM

A drunk 25-year-old who broke into a couple's new home outside Boise, Idaho, took a dump on the floor of the house and nearly got shot before receiving a free ride home from police—a move the homeowners say is a load of crap.

Memorial Day's Real Heroes Are These Loser Tea Party Candidates

Ken Layne · 05/26/14 10:00AM

Aerial drones and roving robots have taken over the work of America's fighting forces. The remaining humans in the military are mostly concerned with Wiccan worship, transgender issues, and health care controversies at the Veteran's Administration. Maybe it's time to start honoring some real heroes on Memorial Day: the Tea Party candidates who lost their primaries to "RINO" Republican incumbents.

Idaho Bigots Won't Let Elderly Gay Veteran Be Buried With Her Wife

Adam Weinstein · 04/24/14 12:00PM

Madelynn Taylor, 74, served six years in the Navy. Madelynn Taylor grew up with the woman she would eventually marry in Oregon, in 1995. Madelynn Taylor is welcome to be buried in the veterans' cemetery in Idaho, where she now lives. But not with her now-deceased spouse, thanks to an anti-gay state law.