Tokio Hotel Member Upset About Something

Richard Lawson · 04/04/08 04:08PM

Now, our pretend knowledge of German is a bit rusty, but it looks as though Bill, the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel (made-up of anime characters who, through a wizard's wacky magic, left the television and became real "boys"), is unhappy. He's on the cover of this month's week's German Vanity Fair and seems to have angst about something. Or, wait. I think in autobahn-talk "angst" means "fear." What's he sad/scared about? Maybe it's his hair? His tight pants? His bizarre resemblance to that annoying "'burn this dress' gooood" Yoplait ad girl? The world may never know. Because no one in the world speaks German. Oh, he's also apparently having sex mit groupies. (Wait, like this groupie?) (Click through for larger cover image.)