FDA: Blue Bell Knew About Its Listeria Contamination Back in 2013 

Ashley Feinberg · 05/07/15 03:32PM

Beloved southern ice cream-maker Blue Bell just pulled its products a few weeks ago after three deaths and a number of illnesses sparked concerns of Listeria contamination. But apparently, Blue Bell wasn’t exactly taken by surprise: a new report from the Food and Drug Administration claims that the company likely knew about a Listeria contamination as early as 2013—and didn’t do a damn thing about it.

Jason Parham · 12/30/14 04:25PM

The Venezuelan government is denying reports of an ice cream crisis. Coromoto, which serves over 850 flavors, claimed it was closing due to the country's shortage of milk. Venezuela's scarcity index was 29% in March, but officials say Coromoto is "serving more and more tourists and residents" than ever. If you say so.

That Ice Cream Truck Song From Your Childhood Is Actually Racist

Jason Parham · 05/13/14 01:56PM

One of America's great pastimes—chasing after the ice cream truck as a kid while it rolled down your block, after which you'd devour each scoop with friends on a hot summer day—may not be as innocent as you remember. NPR recently unearthed troubling news about the beloved jingle that blares from ice cream trucks all across America.

Hamilton Nolan · 01/22/14 10:56AM

Dairy Queen, the delicious root cause of the south's obesity crisis, is expanding into Asia, with new ice cream flavors like "green tea with red bean or almond and extra green tea." Dear Asia: the ice cream is fine, but NEVER eat the "food." Oh god.

Watch This ​Turkish Ice Cream Man Serve Up Some Magic

Lacey Donohue · 12/28/13 03:03PM

It's disturbing to imagine a street food vendor shoving an ice cream cone in your pants without permission, but this ice cream man in Istanbul's Old City makes the reality seem so fun.

Man Named Fudge Arrested for Stealing Desserts

Lacey Donohue · 09/30/13 07:45PM

From experience, I know having a suggestive adjective as a first name can lead to a lot of teasing, but at least I’m not Conor P. Fudge, the man accused of stealing ice cream and cakes from a Cold Stone Creamery store in Iowa City, Iowa. 25-year-old Fudge will never live down the fact that he was caught on camera stealing all sorts of ice cream, cakes, cash, and hopefully some mix-ins (the good mix-ins, not the gummy bears that freeze the second they hit the ice cream) from his former employer.

Lick Your City. What Flavor Is It?

Caity Weaver · 06/11/13 06:54PM

In 2002, Craig David asked the world "What's your flava? Tell me what's you flava (aaah)." Now Ben & Jerry's is performing similar research, asking the question in a less smooth and infinitely more confusing way.

The New York Daily News reports that the ice cream company has just launched a new "City Churned" campaign, which will culminate in the creation of city-specific flavors for New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.