Mike Huckabee Loses His Shit When Questioned About Duggar Child Abuse

Ashley Feinberg · 01/14/16 06:15PM

Mike Huckabee got into a screaming match at a campaign stop in Iowa earlier this week when a woman asked him about his continued support for the Duggars. Mike Huckabee’s response? About five straight minutes of him yelling “You don’t know them!” over and over and over again.

The Truth About Josh Duggar's Sham Cult-Center "Counseling"

Ashley Feinberg · 06/05/15 02:00PM

On Wednesday night, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar went on Fox News to discuss the molestation of four of their daughters by their eldest son, Josh. During the interview, they made vague allusions to Josh’s “counseling” at some sort of “training center.” There’s a reason they never got into specifics: Josh’s counseling was bullshit.