The Saga of Justine Sacco, Twitter's Accidental Racist

Jordan Sargent · 12/21/13 11:30AM

Yesterday, a white person tweeted something horrible. We tend to do that, but this time there was a catch: this white person — Justine Sacco, the global head of communications for the Barry Diller-led firm IAC — was on a 12-hour flight from London to Cape Town, giving the internet an inordinate amount of time to gather its torches.

Chelsea Clinton Joins Team Barry Diller

Ryan Tate · 09/26/11 06:27PM

Chelsea Clinton is joining the board of Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp, according to an SEC filing, in between working toward an Oxford doctorate and helping with father Bill Clinton's philanthropic endeavors.

Arianna Huffington Rival: 'Shut Up and Go Back To Your Room'

Ryan Tate · 09/15/11 03:15PM

Leave it to seasoned mogul Barry Diller to have the smartest take on the cashiering of TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington: AOL "destroyed" TechCrunch's voice, the IAC chairman said, and editorial director Arianna Huffington should have been told to "shut up and go back to your room" when she raised concerns about Arrington's ethics.

Barry Diller's Sexy All-Boy Thanksgiving

Ryan Tate · 11/30/10 03:50PM

Credit where it's due: Barry Diller knows how to vacation. The IAC boss is tightfisted at headquarters, but his holidays are plenty decadent. There's the corporate jet; the giant boat; tropical beaches; and a set of young blonde twins.

Barry Diller's Secret Opulence

Ryan Tate · 11/24/10 05:31PM

Managers at IAC aren't feeling very thankful toward their happy-go-lucky leader right now: They found out just this week there will be no raises or bonuses for the third year in a row. So now they're dishing about his perks.

Barry Diller's Internet Date

Ryan Tate · 06/28/10 11:58AM

Barry Diller runs a virtual harem of internet properties at his IAC, but every year he flirts with other startups at the Sun Valley mogulfest. The question this year: Will Diller finally dump Ask.com — and who will he insult?

cityfile · 11/04/09 03:25PM

• The cuts continue at Time Inc. Fortune Small Business was shuttered today. And as many as 500 employees may lose their jobs when all is said and done. Meanwhile, parent company Time Warner reported a drop in revenues and earnings in the third quarter, as expected. [NYT, WWD, AdAge, NYP]
• Profits were up at News Corp. thanks to its film, cable, and book units. [BN]
• The publisher of Marie Claire has jumped over to Vogue. [NYO]
• Fox News came out on top in the ratings with its election night coverage. CNN performed miserably, dropping down to fourth place. [NYT, Politico]
• WNET is giving employees off between Christmas and New Year's. It's not to be nice; it's designed to cut costs since the days off are unpaid. [Crain's]
• A theory as to why Tom McGeveran quit the Observer. [Daily Intel]
• Highlights from last weekend's Tribeca Film Festival, Doha edition. [Vulture]