Marissa Mayer decrees, "Let them eat cupcakes"

Jackson West · 06/02/08 12:40AM

Pictured are a pair of Faux-nolo Blahniks made from cake and icing by I Dream of Cake's Shinmin Li, size "33" in honor of Google VP Marissa Mayer's birthday at her Four Seasons penthouse. Mayer also flew in cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, the Manhattan cupcakery featured in Sex and the City, a product placement which is largely considered to have kicked off the sticky-sweet treat trend amongst the Scary Sadshaws set. According to one cupcake connoisseur familiar with Magnolia, Mayer could have gotten better desserts in San Francisco: "It's not worth flying them out from New York." But that's just the kind of fanciful display of devil-may-care wealth that Mayer is becoming increasingly well-known for. (Photo by Rachel Lea Fisher)

Marissa Mayer holding "Sex and the City" party tonight

Owen Thomas · 05/30/08 10:00PM

At this very moment, a guest tells me, Google executive Marissa Mayer is throwing a "Blahnikfest" to celebrate her birthday and the premiere of Sex and the CIty. She's rented out a theater at San Francisco's downtown Century multiplex for her friends. Is Mayer our Carrie Bradshaw? Quite possibly, though Mayer's Four Seasons penthouse is more fabulous than the Sex and the City scribe. Like the heroine, she's found love in the hunky form of Zachary Bogue — her Mr. Big, though Mayer's the one with the far more impressive resume. She turns 33 today, as we've noted, and while she normally skips birthday parties during odd years — a "quirk," she says — Bogue was out of town today. The party features cakes the exact size and shape of Bradshaw's preferred shoes, made by Shinmin Li, the owner of the Mayer-backed I Dream of Cake bakery, as well as cupcakes flown in from New York's Magnolia Bakery. The invite:

Marissa Mayer hits the town with hunky boytoy and Orkut

Nicholas Carlson · 05/05/08 10:20AM

Google VP Marissa Mayer attended the San Francisco Ballet's New Work's Festival on Friday and she brought along all her favorite friends. These included Mayer's manfriend, real-estate fund manager Zack Bogue, who, for reasons unknowable hasn't starred in a season of ABC's the Bachelor yet. Mayer's outfit is "a softer, [more] feminine look than we usually see from her" reports SFLuxe — but check out Googler Orkut Buyukkokten's suit, below. It's a Roberto Cavalli, darlings.

Marissa Mayer: "I've never been in the cupcake business; I just like to bake them"

Nicholas Carlson · 04/24/08 05:00PM

Google VP Marissa Mayer likes cupcakes, we learned in Julian Guthrie's profile of her for San Francisco magazine. Mayer likes them so much that the Google exec once created a spreadsheet to maintain a detailed record of the ingredients that go into her favorites. Mayer is not, however, in the cupcake business, she corrects KQED's Michael Krasny in this clip. She's in the cake-sculpting business, thank you very much. Krasny was likely alluding to Mayer's investment in San Francisco art-bakery I Dream of Cake. Mayer, dubbed "Googirl" by San Francisco, is really into frosting: "Vanilla fudge is my favorite. It gives you brain euphoria," she told the magazine.