Max Rivlin-Nadler · 09/21/13 12:14PM

In Oregon, a woman yelled "Gun!" in a crowded movie theater while witnessing a confrontation between a 70-year-old man and a father of a 14-year-old boy whom the older gentleman had just urinated on. The movie theater was evacuated, but no gun was ever found.

New Hot Trends for Teens: Mass Hysteria and Hypnosis

Caity Weaver · 06/20/12 11:07PM

Adults on TV shows are very fond of asking the teens with whom they are acquainted (typically via familial ties but occasionally through non-sexual mentoring relationships) "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"

Hysteria: Hugh Dancy Will Get You Off

Richard Lawson · 08/16/11 03:45PM

Here's a trailer for the bawdy new period sex (historical period, grossies) comedy Hysteria, about the invention of the vibrator. Mr. Claire Danes himself Hugh Dancy plays a young man tasked with calming the nerves of hysterical women by, well, giving them the big one.

The Week A Scary Thing Happened

Pareene · 05/01/09 05:47PM

Happy May Day! Have you marched in solidarity with any workers today? No? Well, it was raining. We forgive you.

OMG! Are You Worried About Third-Hand Smoke?

Sheila · 12/30/08 10:57AM

We love to ingest smoke the old-fashioned way: straight into our lungs. Second-hand smoke will do in a pinch. But third-hand smoke? What kind of smoking hysteria is that?

Shark Hysteria 2008!

ian spiegelman · 05/04/08 12:27PM

So there was that guy killed by a shark last week. But that was only the beginning! Because it's almost summer. And there are sharks with lots of teeth everywhere-and they're gonna eat ya! "Two deaths in the waters off California and Mexico last week and a spate of shark-inflicted injuries to surfers off Florida's Atlantic coast have left beachgoers seeking an explanation for a sudden surge in the number of strikes. In the first four months of this year, there were four fatal shark attacks worldwide, compared with one in the whole of 2007, according to the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville."

Why No One Wants To Write About Kurt Eichenwald

Choire · 08/08/07 12:10PM

Today the New York Times picks up on a story about their former reporter Kurt Eichenwald, one that's been drifting around the internets for a week or so. It began with a piece on Counterpunch by Debbie Nathan. Here's the Times's hedging-some-bets opening: "A former New York Times reporter who wrote an article in late 2005 about a teenager who operated a pornographic Web site may have sent more money to the young man than he had previously acknowledged, according to people familiar with sealed documents filed with a court in Tennessee."