Nikki Finke's Trademark TOLDJA! Hypocrisy: Trademarked

Foster Kamer · 01/23/10 11:00PM

It'd appear that The Hollywood Hardass™ herself, Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke, has trademarked one of her very loud, angry catchphrases. Can you guess which one? And can you guess what practice Ms. Finke has rallied against in the past?

Bloomberg Only Spends Money on the Important Stuff

cityfile · 01/07/10 09:03AM

New York City may have the financial resources to loan out the NYPD to Bermuda. But protecting the city when 9/11 terror suspects arrive here from Guantanamo Bay for their trials? Not so much. The mayor says it will cost $216 million to pay for stepped-up security during the first year, and the city is going to need some serious help from Washington to pay for it. [AP]

Lou Dobbs: ¡Vota por Mi !

cityfile · 11/25/09 11:20AM

Former CNN anchor and immigrant hater Lou Dobbs is thinking about running for elected office. (He may mount a campaign for Senate from New Jersey, but he hasn't ruled out a run for president.) So now it's time to backtrack to try and woo that all-important Latino demographic! Dobbs now says he supports plans to legalize undocumented workers, an idea he ripped apart nightly for, oh, years when he was sitting in the anchor chair at CNN. And he's now "trying to wipe away his image as an enemy of Latino immigrants by positioning himself as a champion of that fast-growing ethnic bloc." As a champion, no less! Buena suerte with that, Lou. [WSJ]

Reporter Doesn't Want His Super-Secret Interview Technique Outed

John Cook · 11/13/09 12:59PM

California Attorney General Jerry Brown's communications director illegally recorded Brown's conversations with reporters, an act that made the conversations themselves subject to California's public records law. The L.A. Times and other papers published them, which makes one reporter very uncomfortable.

Mayor Bloomberg Scores Again

cityfile · 09/29/09 11:23AM

Remember last week when the mayor asked New Yorkers to paint their rooftops white to save on energy, but didn't bother to glance at his own roof before dishing out the advice to everyone else? He's at it again. A few weeks after Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Health announced plans to wage war on sugary beverages comes word that the agency's main lobby features—yes, you guessed it—a big vending machine stocked with soft drinks. Now someone just needs to snap a photo of the mayor sneaking a cigarette behind City Hall and our week will be complete. [NYP]

White Paint Needed on East 79th Street!

cityfile · 09/24/09 01:53PM

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to raise awareness about how white rooftops can make buildings cooler and more efficient, but the city hasn't painted hundreds of its own buildings." That isn't the only building that needs a paint job, clearly! [AP]

Is Jim Cramer Delusional or Just an Idiot?

John Cook · 06/22/09 04:09PM

On CNBC today, Jim Cramer had the gall to attack someone for saying things that aren't, in his mind at least, true. Because you shouldn't say things that aren't true! Prepare yourself for a ridiculous clip.

Spotted: Extra Special Charlie Rangel Edition

cityfile · 03/19/09 03:07PM

It was Charles Rangel, as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who introduced the legislation today imposing a 90 percent tax on the bonuses paid to execs at bailed-out companies. "These people are getting away with murder," Rangel proclaimed on the House floor earlier today during the debate over the bill. But now the bill has passed and Rangel's work is done and it's time to return home. First-class, baby! Via a tipster who emailed us moments ago: "Charlie Rangel is on the Acela RIGHT NOW in FIRST CLASS. Got up to make sure it was him and it is. I know plenty of congressmen ride first class but it's still annoying." And a tad ironic, too!

"Obey" Trademark Law

Hamilton Nolan · 03/08/09 09:00AM

Shepard Fairey is America's darling, ever since that Obama 'HOPE' poster. The AP looked like jerks when they complained about him stealing their photo. But! Fairey will sue your ass for stealing his brand, quick.

Today's Noah Oppenheim Had Critical TV Newser Article Removed

Nick Denton · 05/23/08 02:12PM

Funny how the most obnoxious of critics often have the thinnest skins. Noah Oppenheim-the NBC producer in the news this week because he's leaving The Today Show for a production company cosy with the network-has an appetite for controversy. Unless it involves him: Oppenheim has had at least one critical article by Brian Stelter removed from Mediabistro's TV Newser website.

John Travolta: Biggest Environmental Hypocrite

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/08 11:33AM

According to the results of our poll yesterday, you, our angry readers, believe John Travolta is a worse environmental hypocrite than any other celebrity! This one was a runaway. Travolta got 48% of the vote, crushing second-place hypocrite(s) Brangelina, who only got 18%. Barbra Streisand (17%) was a close third, followed by Madonna (11%), Chris Martin (5%), and Leonardo Dicaprio, who you guys must really have a crush on, at just 2%. From the comments, it appears that Travolta's whole "owning five personal planes and having a runway in my yard" thing really pushed him over the top. A wise choice. [Previously. Results rounded to nearest percentage point.]