Angry Conservatives Forgot Their Old Angry Tweets Supporting P.O.W.

Adam Weinstein · 06/04/14 03:05PM

Conservatives want you to know they're simply telling an inconvenient truth about the bad behavior of U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl and the Obama administration's effort to get him back from Taliban captivity. It's also a truth that's 180 degrees from the truth they tweeted lo, these many years ago!

Anti-Abortion Congressman Scott DesJarlais is Still a Massive Fraud

Jordan Sargent · 11/17/12 02:20PM

When we last checked in with Scott DesJarlais, the distinguished U.S. rep from Tennessee's 4th district pictured here with an un-aborted child, he had been recorded in 2000 pressuring his mistress into having an abortion. This was notable because DesJarlais — who was elected back in 2010 thanks to support from an antiquated movement called "the Tea Party" — is virulently anti-choice. Here, he says so on his website:

Mark Zuckerberg Hides His Friend List

Ryan Tate · 07/13/11 01:47PM

As CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg forced everyone's hidden friend lists into public view. As a user of Google Plus, Mark Zuckerberg just decided to hide his own friends. Double standard, much?

Facebook Twins Get Sued For Doing What They Always Whine About

Adrian Chen · 05/13/11 01:43PM

Boston businessman Wayne Chang claims that the Winklevoss twins elbowed him out of the $65 million settlement Facebook paid them back in 2008. Chang partnered with the Winklevii on their failed ConnectU project—the idea they claim Mark Zuckeberg stole and turned into Facebook— and he says this entitles him to a portion of the ginormous settlement, of which he currently has $0.

The Associated Press' Photo Double Game

John Cook · 05/05/11 10:27AM

The Associated Press has huffily declined to cover tonight's Fox News Channel GOP "debate" in South Carolina on the grounds that Fox won't let it take photographs during the debate—only before and after. But it does cover presidential addresses under precisely the same conditions.

Here Are Joel Osteen's Contradictory, Homophobic Statements to Piers Morgan

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 10:01PM

This evening's Piers Morgan Tonight featured megachurch pastor Joel Osteen and his Stepford wife Victoria. When Morgan switched the subject to homosexuality, Osteen—declaring it a "sin" and comparing it to an "addiction"—contradicted and offended on multiple levels.