Trump: "I Hope That My Tone Is Not That Of Causing Violence"

Timothy Burke · 03/11/16 11:19PM

After tonight’s chaos at a cancelled rally in Chicago, Donald Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon his political events are “a lovefest” that feature “great love” and that he hopes his tone is “not that of causing violence [...] I don’t do that.” Here are some examples of the GOP presidential favorite endorsing that kind of love between people who disagree: the soft caress of a punch to the face, for example, or reverently tucking another into a paramedic’s stretcher.

Study: Walmart Cost America 400,000 Jobs 

Hamilton Nolan · 12/09/15 10:32AM

Crap galaxy Walmart has long used overt appeals to American patriotism as a cornerstone of its marketing and PR efforts. A new study attempts to quantify exactly how much bullshit is contained in Walmart’s patriotic reputation.

How Progressive Are The Media Liberals? 

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/15 12:58PM

There are many media organizations that espouse progressive values—in their editorial product, and in their stated corporate beliefs. Now, employees are asking for unions. How progressive are these good liberal businesses, really?

Grindr Pastor Reportedly Told Teen He Was Going to Hell [Update]

Rich Juzwiak · 05/21/15 02:53PM

The potential for anti-gay Pastor Matt Makela’s hypocrisy is apparently sky high—all the way to heaven, even. Jennifer Kish told Saginaw, Michigan’s WNEM that the disgraced pastor, who was exposed for soliciting gay sex on Grindr earlier this week, made her son 17-year-old son Tyler feel like “if he was going to go to hell for being gay that he might as well go to hell by committing suicide.”

Anti-Gay North Dakota Rep. Outed Via Dick Pic

Rich Juzwiak · 04/28/15 02:55PM

If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, the world’s second oldest profession must be male politician with an anti-gay voting record who enjoys the dicks of men. Ladies and gentlemen, meet North Dakota House of Representatives member Randy Boehning (R).

The Most Hilarious Talking Point: Republicans Against Inequality

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/15 10:00AM

Presidential campaigns have no shortage of factually empty platitudes and gross hypocrisy deployed for political gain. It's early still, but I'll wager that the 2016 campaign will see no more scoff-worthy talking point that the Republicans' sudden concern about economic inequality.

The Clintons Support Estate Taxes, Avoid Estate Taxes

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/14 10:24AM

America has treated the Clinton family pretty well. They've become millionaires many times over. But a new report says that even as they support policies to tax the estates of the extreme wealthy, they try to avoid those taxes on their own wealth.

Bundy Ranch's Armed Defenders Seek Welfare to Sit Around Doing Nothing

Adam Weinstein · 05/12/14 03:24PM

The life of an ever-vigilant anti-government armed patriot is hard. And by hard, I mean dull and unproductive. Also, not very profitable. Maybe that's why all those guys hanging out cleaning their guns in Nevada are now begging hard-working Americans to please give them some money.

Adam Weinstein · 05/06/14 02:36PM

House Republicans keep killing federal unemployment benefits because they cost taxpayer money. But they're now moving forward on six business-oriented tax credits that would cost far more than unemployment insurance. Why? "Growth..is the sure way to reduce deficits," says Eric Cantor.

Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/14 09:16AM

The Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, which two years ago closed a school for lack of funds, is paying to build an enormous new wing on its archbishop's vacation home, with "an indoor exercise pool, three fireplaces and an elevator." Jesus wept.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/18/13 02:00PM

The cognitive dissonance of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson arguing that internet gambling is a "danger to society" will not stop the legions of Republican politicians in his pocket from loudly agreeing with him.

Tea Party Republican Defends Being on Medicaid While Opposing Medicaid

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/16/13 02:19PM

A Tea Party candidate for Idaho's House of Representatives defended himself against allegations of hypocrisy following an NBC News article in which he admitted to signing his entire family up for Medicaid while running on a platform that calls for the dismantling of all government programs.

The Ultimate Miley Cyrus Reaction Song Has Already Been Written

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/27/13 11:03AM

It's been just over 36 hours since Miley Cyrus stuck her tongue out at the pearl-clutching world of knee-jerk moral outrage, but someone already went and wrote a song that puts the entire manufactured fiasco in perfect perspective.