If the Media Loses, So Do You

Hamilton Nolan · 10/29/15 10:10AM

After patriotism and religion, “attacking the media” is the most popular refuge of the scoundrel.

Women Being Given the Mistaken Impression that Self-Defense Should Be 'Fun'

Hamilton Nolan · 07/26/12 10:14AM

Muggers, drunk street harassers, and violent sociopaths of all stripes are applauding the new trend of women being taught "fun" self-defense classes, rather than those downer "how to potentially save yourself from a life-threatening attack" self-defense classes that women used to take. "I firmly believe that women's self-defense classes should always be taught in a 'fun' lighthearted manner that emphasizes fellowship and hilarity over adrenaline and the ability to temporarily ignore pain," said John, a rapist. "When it comes to self-defense, why be so serious?" argued Adrian, a subway groper. "Smile, ladies—this is a party!" agreed Max, a purse snatcher.

Hung Actor Used to Be a Gay Prostitute

Brian Moylan · 10/03/11 03:05PM

Thomas Jane, who plays a heterosexual prostitute on HBO's Hung opened up his past as a gay hustler in his younger days to the L.A. Times. Talk about going method! Strangely enough, this is probably the first time gay men are going to get all upset about a hunky actor talking about having man-on-man action.

Glenn Beck Launches a Groupon Knockoff

Hamilton Nolan · 05/23/11 08:38AM

Paranoid crybaby Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News, but don't you worry, world's biggest suckers Glenn Beck fans: you can still get your "giving money to Glenn Beck fix," in the form of coupons, for chocolate!

Japan's Bad Neighborhood Still Bad

Hamilton Nolan · 01/26/10 12:25PM

Tokyo's struggling to "clean up" its Roppongi neighborhood, where Nigerian hustlers steer suckers into shady bars where they're drugged and robbed. You'd think that business would fall off naturally, right? But this next drink might be the un-spiked one! [LAT]

Rudy Giuliani's Bullshit Advice Now Half Off

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/09 08:00AM

Is it possible that in the midst of a recession, companies are thinking twice about paying outrageous fees for advice from some underling hired by America's most comical Presidential campaign failure, Rudy Giuliani? It's possible.