Larry Flynt Writes Shortest, Orneriest Essay on Online Privacy Ever

Adrian Chen · 08/16/11 03:05PM

Did you know Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has a Huffington Post column? Whereas most celebrity Huffington Post columnists say nothing in as many words as possible, Larry Flynt says nothing in as few words possible. His post today on online privacy is a strange masterpiece of brevity.

Coming This Fall: Avatar, the Porno

Jeff Neumann · 06/19/10 09:21AM

Avatar… biggest movie EVER. That 3D stuff sure was impressive! And now the franchise is moving into a new genre, with the fall 2010 release of Hustler's This Ain't Avatar XXX, a sexxxy adaptation of the James Cameron hit. [Slashfilm]

Meet Sarah Palin's XXX Doppelganger

STV · 10/13/08 11:00AM

The Craigslist casting call might have assured its inevitability, but we still worked hard to suppress our awareness of Sarah Impalin', The Vice is Right or some like-titled porn romp featuring the sexual adventures of a woman suspiciously resembling Sarah Palin. Alas, America can't subsist on Tina Fey's painstaking simulacra alone, and new NSFW photos from the set confirm that the producers found their Sarah Barracuda — who shares a little more than a wink and a cup of coffee with her neighbors.Hustler's amateur outreach a few weeks back must not have yielded many takers; porn veteran Lisa Ann is featured in the new film as the Alaska governor/GOP vice-presidential hopeful, whom it appears can see Russian troops from her house. The gallery currently online at Less Clothes doesn't let on much more of the story, as it were (or if anal ever really was required, despite the producers' insistence otherwise) than that, though it does conclude with a cryptic snapshot of a large syringe packed with a milky mystery liquid that we're sure Joe Sixpack will approve multiple times when it arrives on DVD in the weeks ahead. So congrats to all involved for cranking this out so economically before the election — and without a single Taser incident! Oh, which reminds us: Don't forget to copy-edit the film's Web site before taking it live. We'd hate to think this looked rushed at all.

Eliot Spitzer Movie, Book To Haunt Your Dreams

Ryan Tate · 04/30/08 05:53AM

Penguin Group paid $350,000 for a book about former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's rise and comeuppance (ahem), to be written by Fortune's Peter Elkind, according to a report in the Observer. But better still, there's going to be a movie! In case, you know, visualizations of Spitzer having sex weren't horrifying enough when confined your imagination. Writes the Observer, "Filmmaker Alex Gibney... is working on a Spitzer documentary, the release of which will be timed to the publication of the book." A documentary? Meh. Spitzer's life calls out — screams out, really, in ecstasy — for filthy fictionalization. And of course Larry Flint and Hustler are already on the case with Gov Love: The Elliott Splitz-Her Story, the safe-for-work trailer for which is after the jump.

Ashley Dupre Cash-in Roundup

Rebecca · 03/18/08 05:05PM

Since resigning, all we've seen of Eliot Spitzer is the underside of his collar. His paid lady friend, though, is everywhere. Or at least, as usual, people would like to pay her vast amounts of money to be everywhere.

Larry Flynt Wants to Serve You His Special Sauce

Jessica · 10/20/05 11:30AM

Good news, pervs! Hustler publisher and First Amendment champion Larry Flynt has decided to expand his sticky empire with a restaurant chain. The Hustler Bar & Grille (the "e" stands for classy!) will be "Hooters meets Hard Rock Cafe," inevitably landing in the usual tourist meccas. Sadly, the joints will not feature any nudity or entertainment, save for the menu: